Thursday, December 8, 2016

Holiday Gifts: Triple Self Defense Package

Includes the 3 Essentials: A Stun Gun, Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm. Perfect for women, men, students, seniors and of course, the handicapped!

Give a useful, self defense Holiday Gifts this year. Something that your loved ones really need! At we have a package that sells for only $35.90 and includes three items your loved ones can't be without. Click blue link below:

Triple Self Defense Package Holiday Gift 

  • Safety Technology Trigger Stun Gun -Includes 18 million volts, disable pin, is available in 7 colors, has rubberized exterior to prevent slippage from hand, ergonomic, rechargeable and more!
  • Pepper Spray - Available in soft or hard case, 4 colors, includes Quick Key Release Key Chain to separate key from a door or car ignition, therefore allowing it to be used for an emergency!
  • Mini Personal Alarm - This small panic alarm has a loud 120dB alarm, alerts others of an emergency, alarm goes off by simply squeezing the unit's sides, includes an LED light, can attach to a keychain or clips to your clothes.

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