Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Let's Bring In The NEW YEAR, Without Sexual Assaults Or Date Rape!

During the Holidays, there are many parties, drinking and unfortunately a lot of sexual assaults. Don't be a victim of a rapist, no matter how handsome he is!

There are many predators that take advantage of women, by pouring drugs into their alcohol drinks. Be it from a punch bowl that is later spiked with drugs or an opened container that a rapist gives a lady to drink. Go to: Date Rape Drug Detector Cards by Drink Guard. For only the price of $9.95, you'll be protected! Simply place a drop on the card and wait until it dries. The color will let you know if your drink is safe! Below are ways to prevent women from being another date rape victim.

How to Avoid Date Rape at Parties Or Nightclubs
- Never share a drink with a stranger or someone you don't know
- Never drink from an opened container, open one yourself
- Never drink from a punch bowl, it could be spiked with a drug
- Get your own drink from a bartender and watch them pour it
- If you meet someone interesting, introduce him to your friends,
  so they remember him
- Never leave with a stranger you just met
- If you drank too much, call a taxi or go to a nearby hotel

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