Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Gift: Personal Alarms to Let Others Know, When Your Loved Ones are in Danger!

Consider offering gifts which can save the life of your loved ones. Personal alarms up to 130dB, alert others by simply pushing a button or squeezing an alarm unit.
Our WomenOnGuard.com website has 16 affordable, different Personal Alarms to choose from. These units are perfect for students, seniors and the handicapped. The sound of the different alarms, range from the loudest available for citizens, which is 130dB, to lower pitches such as 120dB. There's even one that is air pressured and even another that can prevent drivers from nodding off while driving! One in particular can detect movement and sound's an alarm when it senses that someone is moving a personal possession you own, such as a cell phone.

Check out all 16 personal alarms we carry, you're sure to find some that fit the lifestyle of your loved one's. These units are lightweight and very affordable. Perfect for students, seniors and the handicapped.

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