Thursday, January 12, 2017

Did You Know That Sells Mace® Pepper Spray with TEAR GAS?

In fact we have 3 sizes of Mace® TEAR GAS pepper spray: Pocket Model, Personal Model and Police Model. They include keychains, convenient flip top safety cap and finger grip dispenser!

TEAR GAS is one of the most effective ways to stop an attacker or rapist. Police use them for controlling crowds... These units not only make attackers or rapists feel like their face is burning, but they also inhale TEAR GAS which makes them cough up a storm and therefore have difficulty breathing. The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray will temporarily blind them, since their eyes will burn so much, they will cry like a baby! This in turn weakens them while you escape safely. Perfect for women or men's self defense,

These Mace units can reach up to 12 feet away and depending on the unit you purchase, can contain 20 bursts!

Don't become a victim of an attacker or rapist, take matters into your own hands and purchase an inexpensive Mace Pepper Spray with an additional solution of TEAR GAS, for self defense! Whether you are a man or a woman, protection is important... Plus, don't forget that they include a keychain, flip top safety cap, finger grip dispenser and can reach 12 feet away!

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