Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift: Drink Guard, Date Rape Drug Detector

Every woman needs to be careful when she steps in a nightclub, bar or party... We all know that DATE RAPE is unacceptable, yet many women don't take the necessary cautions to prevent it. 

Date rape is prevalent among college women, as well as women who go to bars or parties. If there is any gift you can offer to women, it's the Drink Guard, Date Rape Drug Detector! Give your mother, daughter, sister or friends, one of these little envelopes that can protect them from date rape, besides just flowers!

What better than offering a lady, a test that can guard her from Date Rape? These little paper envelopes can protect your female friends from avoiding a date rape attack, if she's at a nightclub, bar or party! All they have to do is place a drop of their drink onto a small card and they will know if their drink has been compromised! The small Drink Guard envelope contains 20 tests. The test is easy and can be done by simply going to a restroom. All she has to do is place a drop of her drink, on one of the cards (each card contains 2 tests). After a few seconds the drug detector card will change colors and let her know if her drink is safe... Perfect for college women, too!

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