Friday, January 20, 2017

Valentine's Day Gift: Personal Alarms To Let Others Know That You Are In Danger

Nothing is better than a Valentine's Day Gift that protects a person. At, we have several alarm units that help notify others, if your loved ones need help!
Personal alarms notify others by sounding a loud noise which indicates that a person is in trouble and needs help. It's perfect for women or men to use if they need help and defense from an attacker, or if they have fallen... Personal alarms are also convenient for the elderly, college students and even for children that are bullied. Perfect for a Valentine's Day Gift! has many Personal Alarms to choose from. These units have a unique sound that is acknowledged as an emergency call for help. Plus, most of the alarms at our store include LED lights, wrist straps and even one that detects motion, if for example you have a laptop that you don't want anyone to move.

Most of our personal alarms are battery operated, but one that is called the Mace Screecher, works by air pressure that shrieks a loud sharp sound. It notifies others that your loved ones, such as the elderly, college students and even children that are bullied, might need help...

At we wish you a wonderful and safe Valentine's Day!

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