Monday, January 9, 2017

Have You Ever Wanted to Spy on Guests or a Nanny That Takes Care of Your Children? Only $59.99

Your home is your sanctuary, keeping it safe is number one priority, especially if you have children and a nanny or guest taking care of them.

Parents many times wonder how safe their babies are while at the attention of a nanny or guest. At, we have the solution for your worries. They are called Hidden Cameras with DVR. The one we will be focusing on is the Mini Digital Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with DVR for only $59.99.

Every home has an alarm clock, and this disguised hidden alarm clock looks like a simple ordinary clock. Of course it keeps time but it also records videos, still photo, motion detector (to save batteries and storage space) and is also a web cam! This incredible Mini Digital Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with DVR can record continuously for 12 hours! The unit also includes a 4GB micro SD card that is FREE and can record for 2 hours, as well. This unit captures video of 640 x 480 resolution and pictures at 1280 x 960 resolution in JPEG format.

Never worry about your children when you have guests at home or a nanny... To read more about this handy unit, go to the link above! PLUS, there are other hidden cameras to choose from, depending on your needs!

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