Tuesday, July 29, 2008

College Safety Essentials Package

The Summer is coming to an end soon and many parents of college students, especially female students, are concerned about the safety of their daughters on campus.

At WomenOnGuard.com, we know that a female attending college is 4 times more likely to get sexually assaulted, when compared to other women in our society. For this reason, we put together a special offer called, "College Essentials Package". This package includes the powerful 975,000 volts Hot Shot stun gun. This particular stun gun is not only powerful but conveniently small and can fit in the palm of a woman's hand. Along with the stun gun, we included the Pepper Pen, which is a pepper spray conveniently disguised as a pen for an element of surprise. The package also includes a Lipstick Pepper Spray. This product appears like an ordinary lipstick or perfume container, but again, it really is a pepper spray for self defense. To complete the package, a Defensive Sprays Handbook is included. It contains helpful information on the usage of defensive sprays and the proper way to use them against attackers. This package will save you OVER 18% if you compare it to the total price of all the products purchased separately.
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