Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Guardian Angel vs. Conventional Pepper Spray

There are various types and sizes of pepper spray on the market today, but one stands out above the crowd. The Guardian Angel by Kimber is one of the best pepper spray products available today.

The Guardian Angel is small, lightweight and ergonomic, it carries easily in your pocket or purse, and has an integral clip that also secures it to a belt. You can even get a Guardian Angel holster that is sold separately.

The outer body conforms to either a right or left-hand grip, it fits almost any size hand and is easy to use.

The Guardian Angel contains two cylinders with powerful concentrations of near pharmaceutical grade OC (oleoresin capsicum), a devastatingly effective inflammatory agent to take your assailant down!

Driven by pyrotechnic charges, the solution travels at 90 MPH with little chance of cross contamination, and with enough energy to wrap around glasses or penetrate a facemask. The effect is immediate and lasts for up to 45 minutes.

Unlike conventional sprays, the Guardian Angel does not lose pressure over time. Conventional pepper spray usually expires within 2 years.

Guardian Angel Features:
• Instantly incapacitates an assailant.
• Revolutionary propulsion operation, reaching target in one tenth of a second.
• Jet delivery minimizes cross-contamination.
• Delivers two powerful blasts of OC.

The Guardian Angel is effective at distances of up to 13 feet. At 90 MPH, the charge travels too fast for an aggressor to avoid it.

Below you can read and compare the Guardian Angel vs. Conventional pepper spray.
• Guardian Angel range is 13 feet, pepper spray averages approximately 8 feet.
• Guardian Angel can be shot at any angle, pepper spray can only be held upright when shot.
• Guardian Angel does not need shaking before shooting, pepper spray needs shaking to mix ingredients.
• Guardian Angel has ergonomic shape, pepper spray is awkward to hold, especially under stressful situations.
• Guardian Angel is shot powerfully by a jet protection technology, pepper spray is launched by aerosol, hairspray technology, developed in the 1950's.
• Guardian Angel reaches it's target in fractions of a second, pepper spray's stream can be dodged by assailants.
• Guardian Angel's ballistic energy eliminates the danger of cross-contamination to user, pepper spray can blow back to your face if there is any wind.
• Guardian Angel's contents are not under pressure and can operate in cold temperatures, pepper spray loses pressure in cold weather resulting in a weaker spray.
• Guardian Angel's contents are not under pressure and can operate in hot temperatures, pepper spray increases it's pressure in cold weather and can result in a canister explosion.
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