Monday, July 28, 2008

The Difference Between Privacy Laws in Europe Compared to the United States

Security and privacy laws are a huge topic of the times. As a citizen, you assume that your personal information is safe. You expect that your health, money, emails, etc. are secure. This is very important for everyone in the world, but there are big differences, for instance, on what is considered private in Europe and what is considered private here in the U.S. The laws vary from one continent to the other and sometimes conflict when Europeans visit us or we visit Europe. The core difference is that the Europeans trust their governments for private information and not companies. Europeans don't allow companies to get information from citizens unless they get consent from it's citizens first. Americans prefer minimum government intrusion, the less that Uncle Sam knows, the more free we feel. Companies in the U.S. can get your private information without your consent. Below is a list of the differences between privacy laws in Europe and the U.S.

To read more about your privacy, and view a more clear chart, click here.
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