Saturday, July 19, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Donates Self Defense Products

Due to the increased crime in Philadelphia, decided to donate products to “Women Organized Against Rape” (WOAR), a women’s crisis center in Pennsylvania, which has been helping sexual assault victims for nearly 30 years.

Indian Beach, NC July 19, 2008. donates products to a different sexual assault women’s crisis center around the country on a monthly basis. is an e-commerce website that sells non lethal, self defense products such as Mace, pepper spray, stun guns, Taser products, personal alarms and home protection products. This website includes hotlines, safety tips, helpful links and a Blog.

WOAR was started in 1973 in Philadelphia. The Center helps rape survivors by working together with the police, hospitals and courts. WOAR’s professional staff and committed volunteers provide comprehensive sexual assault counseling and advocacy services, and community and professional training. starting donating pepper spray to women’s crisis centers in October 2007. From its inception in October 2006, co-founders, Susan Eaton and Martha Z. Martinez, vowed to help women stay safe. They take into consideration that some cities have restrictions against some of the products they sell, but try to target different sections of the country and usually pick cities were crime against women is more prevalent. Many of the women’s crisis centers that receive their donations, offer self defense courses. These courses are usually taught at the centers by a local police officer. The donated pepper sprays are handed out during these courses to participants in the classes. Other centers hand them out to victims of assault that feel they need extra protection.

Susan Eaton, Co-Owner of stated that the website chose Philadelphia for their donation recipient of the month because of escalating violence in this city. She mentioned that one of the city’s most popular on stage plays is called, “Kila ‘Delphia, Who’s Next? Why?” It was produced because of all the crime in the city. She goes on to say that, “Recently, a woman was attacked by 3 men while she was making a deposit at her bank’s teller machine. The men actually followed her in their car and knew about her plans to make a deposit. This was a strategically planned attack and robbery and the men got away with close to $65,000.” Susan mentioned that Philadelphia police put out a sketch just last week of an attacker that broke into a woman’s house and sexually assaulted her at knifepoint. These are only a few of the crimes occurring in this city and similar crimes are occurring all the time in other cities as well. also wants the public to be aware that rapists mostly target women, but that there are also some men who become victims as well.

For a list of all the women’s crisis centers, has donated products to, visit their website and click on the “Blog/Video Demos” link on their home page.
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