Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Versatile Personal Alarm Also Helps the Handicapped

It was brought to our attention recently that people don't only need personal alarms to prevent crimes. One particular gentleman purchased several personal alarms for his nursing home. Apparently these alarms are very handy for people that have physical limitations. Patients in his nursing home were each given a personal alarm to be used in case of an emergency. There are advantages to carrying a personal alarm if you are disabled.

Personal alarms are not only convenient indoors, but outside as well. I recall one time when I witnessed a man fall out of his wheelchair in a parking lot. He was trying to go up the ramp of his van and the wheelchair turned in the wrong direction and slid back down the ramp, the wheelchair fell right on top of him, pinning him underneath it. This is one of those situations where if he had carried a personal alarm, we would have been able to assist him sooner, instead of him just lying there helpless until we noticed that he was in trouble.

Of course a personal alarm comes in handy when you are being victimized by a mugger or other criminal. The loud sound projected by personal alarms, bring attention to any sort of situation you might encounter. Personal alarms come in all shapes and sizes. Some alarms have a flashlight included, some have keychains attached to them and some even can be used as door alarms in your home.
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