Monday, July 14, 2008

Female NC soldier missing after fire

Here we go again! This time, a female soldier is missing after a fire in her apartment near Fort Bragg. The NC military seems to be getting a track record on female soldiers being killed or disappearing. To refresh your memory, a pregnant soldier was killed and buried in her ex boyfriend's backyard late last year. About a month ago, a female soldier was found dead in her motel bathtub and she was also pregnant. Now a female soldier is missing and her apartment was set on fire. I wonder if she was also pregnant...

Police Captain David Houp, informed the public that there is no connection between this and the previous women. I beg to differ, I think it is too early for him to tell if the last victim found in her bathtub was not connected somehow with this most recent occurrence. I believe that the military authorities need to be investigated and questioned about these crimes a little more carefully.
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