Thursday, September 4, 2008

Man Who Raped a 79 Year Old Woman, is Caught

Back in April, 50 year old Oscar Rowell, raped a 79 year old woman in Delray Beach, Florida. He was caught yesterday at a motel in Boynton Beach Florida.

The victim, who requested her name not be mentioned, was asleep in her bedroom when the man broke in. He tied her to the headboard with her bras and raped her, at knife point, for approximately 15 minutes. After he raped her, he proceeded to scrub her down with soap, to get rid of evidence. Before he left he took some credit cards, yanked out her telephone cords and took off in her Toyota Camry. The victim was found that afternoon by her neighbors, still tied to her bed.

Rowell has been in prison 6 times before since 1975 for armed robbery, aggravated assault and burglary convictions. Police had his DNA since last August, when Rowell consented to giving it to them. The same DNA was found in the 79 year old woman's home. The victim's car, was also found a block away from where Rowell lived.

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