Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Would You Help A Stranger If They Were Being Attacked?

Philadelphia recently had a passenger in their fast transit system attacked by a man carrying a hammer. The incident was caught on video. The victim was asleep when the man brutally starting hitting him with the hammer. The media in Philly jumped in and criticized the other passengers for not helping the victim while being attacked. The fast transit officials defended the other passengers, claiming that the passengers did what the transit authority recommends in situations such as this. The passengers did assist the victim when he got back on the train and a person pulled the emergency lever that notified the operator, who contacted the police. One woman even escorted the victim to the hospital.

This made me think, if I would have helped in a situation like this. I'm only 5 feet, 2 inches tall. I would not be able to stop a strong man with a hammer who was taller than me. BUT, now that I think about it... I normally carry pepper spray. So yes, I would have probably used my pepper spray against this attacker. Especially since I would not have to have been too close to him to spray him. This would definitely be an incident where having some sort of self defense product would have really helped. In this case, I would be helping someone else, instead of using it for my own self defense. I bet that if one of the passengers had pepper spray in their possession when this occurred, they probably would have used it too.
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