Monday, September 22, 2008

PRESS RELEASE: Escalates Crime Prevention

The self defense products website called made it’s latest monthly product donation to The Sexual Assault Response and Awareness Program, which is located in Alexandria, VA.

Indian Beach, NC September 22, 2008. donates self defense products to a different sexual assault women’s crisis center around the country on a monthly basis. is a website that sells non-lethal, self defense products such as Mace products, pepper spray, stun guns, Taser products, personal alarms and home protection products. This website includes hotlines, safety tips, helpful links and a Blog.

In August of 1975, the Commission on the Status of Women, in Alexandria, Virginia, established the Sexual Assault Response and Awareness (SARA) Program. The SARA Program offers support to victims of sexual assault, and their families and friends. The program provides crisis intervention and emotional support, advocacy with medical, police, and court systems. SARA also offers short-term individual and group counseling, pertinent information and referrals. was started in October of 2006 by two determined ladies who set out to provide women with much needed tools to defend themselves against crime. Susan Eaton and Martha Z. Martinez, the owners of, wanted to spread the word and let women know that it is easy to purchase self defense products such as Mace, pepper spray, stun guns, Taser products and personal alarms on their website. “Most women are unsure of where to purchase self defense products”, Martha mentioned, “Department stores don’t carry items such as these and gun shops are very intimidating to women.” only sells non-lethal, self defense products. Susan states, “We don’t carry guns or knives on our website. We realize that sometimes, while being attacked, a person might try to defend themselves using a gun and that same gun could actually be turned against them. In this case, it is better to be sprayed back or Tasered, than to be shot with a bullet from your own gun.”

It is the belief of the owners of that due to the present financial and energy crisis in the country, crime will probably increase. Unfortunately, women are the likely target. “Many women find themselves in marriages where she or her husband could get laid off from their jobs or there is monetary tension to make ends meet. There are fights about money and some fights can become physically abusive. We actually were contacted by a purchaser who was in a situation where she felt unsafe around her husband and wanted to purchase a self defense product”, stated Martha. Susan went on to say, “There will probably be an increase of muggings from attackers that want some cash to get through the month. There was a recent case in Alexandria, VA, where Barbara J. Bosworth was abducted from a shopping mall by two men. She was forced to sit in the back seat of her own car while the abductors drove 18 miles in an attempt to take out money of an ATM machine using her card. The car eventually crashed and killed her along with one of the men.” Cases such as these are common around the country and wants to make a difference.
Martha Z. Martinez, Co-Owner
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