Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Man with Weapons and Amo Arrested Near UCLA

Last Friday, a man near the University of California, was arrested after shooting a traffic light. Apparently, Gene Bush was living out of his van and carried enough weapons for a small army. Police found 5 loaded semiautomatic pistols and thousands of rounds of ammunition in his van. Mr. Bush was only a block away from UCLA and police said the pistols were equipped with laser sight and 400 bullets. There was also another 7,800 rounds of ammunition in his van and 3,000 more in a storage locker. Police also mentioned that the man made anti-government statements about 911 and told them to look inside his suitcase. Gene Bush's suitcase contained timers, paint thinner and other suspicious items, as well as his anti-government manifesto. Police also said that they believed, Bush was acting alone.

Gene Bush is expected to appear in court today.
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