Friday, August 29, 2008

Horrible Moms in the News

What is going on with some moms lately? Is this a trend? Were there always moms doing this in the past, but now it surfaces more in the news?

I'm not sure, as I know you aren't either, why these terrible moms are appearing. I first heard about these killing moms in the 70's, when some very young girls were throwing their newborn babies in dumpsters, to save face. Now there is the case of the 28 year old woman, not a young girl, from Dayton, Ohio, that microwaved her 1 month old baby girl! And of course the on going case of Caylee, the little girl that has been missing in Florida and who's mom was arrested for not giving out information.

Killing babies is not the only thing going on. There are the Munchhausen by Proxy moms, that make their children sick on purpose, just to get some personal attention for themselves.

If a woman doesn't want her baby, she does not have to kill it! What ever happened to placing it up for adoption or even just leaving it at the doorsteps of a Church or hospital? It makes you wonder, if these women are sick or if they are violent control freaks. Are these women comparable to rapists that rape for the thrill of violently controlling a person? Should they go to jail or to an insane asylum?

I know that I'm asking a lot of questions, but I feel that we should try very hard to get some answers. Our society is suppose to improve with each generation, not collapse into barbarism.
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