Friday, August 8, 2008

Real Estates Agents Can Be Easy Targets For Attackers

With all the housing market stories flowing around, WomenOnGuard continues to bring attention to the issues that real estate agents face on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day. As you know, agents are always out and about and show houses to potential buyers all the time. Carrying self defense products is essential for this line of work.

The situation of real estate agents is unique in many ways. Talk about risky jobs, this is definitely one of them and where self defense products might come in handy. First, they usually don't know the person that they will be showing a home to. Second, more often than not, they show it alone without a partner or assistant. And third, many times the homes are unoccupied. These three circumstances can add up to a potentially dangerous job description for real estate agents, who become agents because they consider themselves good sales people and knowledgeable in the housing market. This danger is not very often spoken about, but is always on the minds of the real estate agents, while showing homes.

When the agent is a woman, it is even more of a safety issue. This danger is increased considerably if she is showing a home to a male buyer. As mentioned above, she usually would not know anything about this man, and she would usually show the house to him alone. Showing an empty house or condo is a perfect place for an assailant to commit a crime. They don't have to worry about witnesses and if they actually kill the agent, they don't have to worry about where to leave the body, since an empty house is the perfect place.

Occasionally you will hear in the news of cases where a real estate agent was raped or killed. This is no surprise, considering their unique situation. A real estate agent should always be conscience of their safety when showing homes and should always carry self defense products. This applies to male as well as female real estate agents and in small towns as well as large cities.
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