Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Why Use Non-Lethal, Self Defense Products?

People's response to this question is usually the first obvious one; you don't kill your attacker. This is correct, but there is an even more important reason to use non-lethal, self defense products. This reason is not thought of as often but it is the most important of the reasons for me.

When a criminal attacks a person, most of the time, that person is not carrying a self defense weapon. But sometimes a potential victim does carry an item he or she uses to protect themselves and attempts to use it in self defense. Sometimes, potential victims that are armed with a self defense weapon or product, are overtaken by the attacker's strength and have their weapon taken away from them. This can obviously be a dangerous situation and one that you obviously want to avoid. But, it does happen and this is where having a non-lethal, self defense product becomes a better choice. More often than not, attackers will use your weapon against you. I'm sure you know the ending of this explanation... If you carry your non-lethal, self defense product such as a Taser and it is turned against you, you will NOT be killed. If you had a lethal weapon, such as a gun, in your possession, then you have a chance of being killed by your own weapon and it will probably only have your fingerprints on it.

There are other advantages to using non-lethal, self defense products:

The accidental discharge of the product or weapon by an innocent person or a child or by your own carelessness. Again, this is where it is important that the product you carry be non-lethal.

Another good reason to carry a non-lethal product is that if you unlawfully or carelessly use it on someone, the legal consequences aren't as harsh as if you would have killed someone!

You don't need a special permit to carry a non-lethal, self defense product. Firearms require you to get a conceal carry permit.

And last but not least, non-lethal, self defense products are usually cheaper than fire arms.

I don't know about you, but non-lethal, self defense products get my vote, hands down!
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