Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Outdoor Summer Fun, Pepper Spray Precautions

There are many things going on in the summer and most of them take place outdoors. As always, when you go out, take a self defense product with you. Of course there are precautions you need to take with all self defense products. Pepper spray is at the top of the list for precautionary measures when it pertains to heat. Be especially aware during the summer, that the spray is in a pressurized container (just like hairspray) and if it gets too hot, it can expand and break through the container, spreading pepper spray everywhere! When at the beach or pool, make sure to keep your pepper spray covered from the sun, if it is going to be exposed for a long period of time. Most pepper sprays are OK if they get wet, but it is not recommended that you submerge them in water. Another thing to remember is if you leave your pepper spray in the car, it is better to place it in the glove compartment or a place that is shaded at all times. If your car gets way too hot in the summer, it is recommended that you NOT leave the pepper spray in the car. If you are going to fly on a plane, remember that you will not be allowed to carry it on board, so leave your pepper spray at home. This is due to the Homeland Security issues. This is also why when you purchase pepper spray from WomenOnGuard.com, it reaches you via UPS or USPS ground service instead of air. The only product that WomenOnGuard.com can send via fast air mail is the Guardian Angel Pepper Spray. Due to it's unique container, it is not pressurized and it is not affected by heat.
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