Monday, August 11, 2008

Scientist Might be Able to Make Things and People Invisible

Scientists are stating that they are getting one step closer to making people and objects invisible! That's right, you read correctly. It has to do with some artificially engineered materials that redirect light around objects.

This might have a huge impact on military equipment and numerous other applications. I, of course, thought about how this might possibly be applied to civilian self defense products. I really don't know what the steps would be to accomplish this, but if it is simple, once they figure it out, the potential of this substance is enormous! Just think, anything could be made to be invisible... again, not just limited to objects, but people too. Cops could be observing you, without you knowing it, criminals might get a hold of it, people might start carrying invisible guns or weapons... Well you get the picture.

If you are interested in reading where I got this info, click on the title of this post.
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