Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chef Julia Child was a Civilian Spy

Who would of thought that the ever so polite, talented chef, who always enjoyed a cocktail with her delicious meals, was also a spy for the US Government.

Back during World War II, when the Nazis were threatening other countries, our government had nearly 24,000 military and civilian personnel employed who were spying for our country. Julia Child was one of them along with many other well known people, such as a son of Ernest Hemingway, sons of President Theodore Roosevelt and others. The organization was called the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). It was to later become the CIA. It was created by President Franklin Roosevelt. The members of this organization were responsible for studying military plans, create propaganda, infiltrate enemy ranks and stir resistance among enemy troops. The OSS was so secretive that the members were not even allowed to tell their own families about their involvement.
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