Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Killing For Honor

I'm sure you have read or heard about Honor Killings before...

In England it is getting out of hand with some communities having women getting killed for shaming their families. These communities murder their daughters either because she will not agree to marry who her parents plan for her to marry, she is no longer a virgin, she changes her religion, etc. The reasons for this honor related violence is limitless. For these communities, family honor is more important than a child. The parents and families of these women have them killed and sometimes even assist in the killings. In England there have been reports that around 17,000 of these cases have taken place and in London, they are starting an awareness campaign against Honor Killings. There is even a group of women who want "Forced Marriages" to become a criminal offense.

I wonder how many Honor Killings have occurred here, in certain communities, in the USA?
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