Friday, August 22, 2008

Man Arrested for Mugging an 85 Year Old Woman in an Elevator

Yesterday, police arrested the man who mugged Ms. Lillian France in an elevator in Brooklyn, NY. The mugger was captured, thanks to an alert Detective Matthew Walker. The Detective noticed a similarity in this mugging case and in a previous case six years ago when he arrested a Cornelious Abson. He also noticed that the man in the elevator video had the same features as the man he arrested previously.

Seems like these weren't the only muggings Mr. Abson had committed. There have been dozens of muggings in Brooklyn under the same conditions, where a mugger has taken money, groceries and cellphones from elderly victims. This mugger was taking advantage of the elderly. The mugger wrote a half page letter to Ms. France, apologizing to her and saying he had a drug habit.

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