Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Check out all our new products, including Steetwise brand products.

Some of you might have noticed that we have quite a few new items in our WomenOnGuard.com website, most of which are Streetwise brand products. We always try to offer the best non-lethal, self defense products the market has to offer. There are new products under the Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Personal Alarms and Home Protection categories.

One of the categories that stands out is the Pepper Sprays category. We have added new Streetwise brand pepper sprays. The average pepper spray sold contains 10% pepper, whereas the Steetwise brand contains 17% pepper. These defensive sprays also contain a higher SHU (Scoville Heat Unit), which make them even hotter. The Streetwise pepper sprays that contain 17% pepper includes the Pepper Foam and Pepper Pen.

Another category with new StreetWise products is the Stun Guns category. These include one of the smallest AND strongest stun guns available in the world. The Steetwise Small Fry Stun Gun is as small as a cigarette box, yet lets you carry 1,000,000 volts of power in your purse or pocket. Some Small Frys have bright LED flashlights and some are rechargeable. We also carry Streetwise Stun Guns with an Alarm. This is a new feature not found in many other stun guns. An alarm is yet another innovative feature to make your self defense product even safer. In addition to all the stun guns are the Streetwise Stun Batons. Some of these batons come with flashlights, some are expandable to 21 inches and some are rechargeable. Batons are great to keep in the home, replacing that old baseball bat under the bed...

There has been a sizable addition to our Home Protection and Other Products categories as well. Some of which include a couple of handy radio/flashlights that run on solar and/or cranking power. The Solar Radio Flashlight and Dynamo Radio Flashlights are great for when you are in a hurricane, winter storm, when the electricity goes out or to even take camping. WomenOnGuard.com has also added hidden safes to hide your valuables, ceiling alarms that detect intruders from above their head so they are less likely to know they are being noticed. We also included a mailbox notification system that lets you know when your mail has been delivered, which uses a chime and blinking a light.

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