Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Woman Left Near Dead After Being Brutally Attacked by Two Homeless People

We at, decided to make our monthly product donation in support of Jen Hall, a woman who was brutally attacked by two homeless people on August 25, 2008. As you know donates self defense products to a different cause around the country each month.

On the South Side of Chicago, two homeless people brutally attacked Jen who was out celebrating her 36th birthday. She was repeatedly kicked in the head until she became unconscious. Most medical experts state that nine out of 10 people who experience the type of injuries that Jen did, usually end up brain dead and do not survive at all. Jen did survive. Unfortunately, she did not have medical coverage. She was 1 month away from being eligible for medical insurance through her new employer. Anyone wishing to donate or to check on Jen’s recovery can go to the website

There has been much support from her family, friends and even the kindness of strangers. Fundraisers have been held and will continue to be held in hopes of alleviating some of the burden from the medical bills that Jen has incurred. We are donating self defense products to the cause, which will be sold at the fundraisers. All proceeds from the sale of these products will go into the charitable trust fund that has been set up for Jen to help offset some of the medical expenses. Jen has made great progress but has a long way to go.

Most women are unsure of where to purchase self defense products. Department stores don’t carry items such as these and gun shops are very intimidating to women. only carries non-lethal, self defense products. We don’t sell guns or knives on our website. We realize that sometimes when people are defending themselves with a gun, that same gun could actually be turned against them. In this case, it is better to be pepper sprayed or Tasered, than to be shot with a bullet from your own gun.
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