Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Counterfeit money is more predominant now

Many people are using cash instead of credit cards lately due to the economic crisis. They have a portion of their pay checks cashed instead of depositing it entirely into their bank accounts. This could be a result of the economic crisis where people, including myself, are just being more cautious of who holds their money.

With more cash being exchanged, you will also encounter more counterfeit money exchanging hands. This applies to individuals and especially people who own retail businesses. These bills go through many hands before they are even detected as being counterfeit. Of course many people would not be able to tell which are counterfeit and which are not. When dealing with cash, the exchange is usually fast and what most people notice is the face value of the bill and not if it is fake! A fake bill doesn't necessarily look new either and sometimes people assume that if it's been around for a while, it must be legit! When dealing with cash, be especially cautious of large bills such as $50 and $100 bills!

If you are starting to deal with more cash as an individual or a retailer, you should consider an inexpensive Counterfeit Money Detector Pen. For less than $6, you can feel more at ease with exchanging cash. You can make a mark on the bill with this particular pen and if the mark you made turns yellow, the bill is legit. If the mark turns black or brown, it is fake. It's that simple! I never knew that detecting counterfeit money was that easy.
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