Friday, October 10, 2008

Wall Street is Not Necessarily Your Street

While many people are panicking about the economic issues facing our nation as a whole, it is my opinion that we should focus on our own issues. Take a look at what is affecting your personal business, work, your neighborhood and your family. This is an approachable view of how it would affect you directly and here is where you can make practical changes. I believe that worrying about the entire nation as a whole is overwhelming and not pratical. The average American, unless they are directly involved with the government, would get overstressed in matters they cannot control.

The best thing to check is how the company you work for is doing financially or how your business is doing. Investigate the situation of your personal financial investments and again, focus on your local situation. This is something you should always keep an eye on anyway. If people directly around you are not being affected, you probably will not be affected either. Americans shouldn't panic, we should go on with our normal lives. This in turn will set the mood for the rest of the country. A nation in panic is not productive and will only feed fear. If it makes you feel better to turn the news off, do so, this might help you come back to your real life situation and not make you fearful of what most likely will not affect you anyway. Best thing to do is communicate with those around you.
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