Thursday, October 9, 2008

Foreclosures are hurting some renters

A good number of Americans rent their homes and pay their rent on time. Lately though, due to all the foreclosures, they have been kicked out of their homes. I'm talking about law abiding tenants that have paid their rent, yet officials have been evicting them without notice. These people have been evicted due to lack of communication. This was brought to my attention this morning upon reading comments from a sheriff in the Chicago area. He has ordered that all tenants must be given 120 days notice before eviction and also that he would need proof of identification, that the people evicted are the actual owners of their homes. I was proud to know that a government official has spoken up about this and has made us take notice of this injustice.

With all the communication in this decade, you would think that this would be included. It should be the obligation of an owner of a rental property to inform the tenant that his or her property is in foreclosure. It should also, as the sheriff requested, be the law to make sure you are evicting the criminal in the case and not just a law abiding renter. And lastly, although there is a law in place in most states, officials should honor the law of allowing tenants some reasonable time to evict. Instead, people are getting thrown out to the streets through no fault of their own.
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