Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hope for kids that are bullied in school

A new website is being used in some schools now called It allows bullied students to communicate with their school authorities about threats or threatening information they receive. It protects the identity of the sender and allows for two-way anonymous conversation. This is great for kids, especially shy kids, to come forward and get investigations started on bullies in their school.

Overall, the results of this new website have been very beneficial. There has been some misinformation provided by kids, but school personnel have stated that it is better to get some false information along with the legitimate information. Much of the information that has been reported by kids has been investigated, proven accurate and resolved.

I guess some may say that this is a little too much and that it may embark on the privacy of children. I think that children need to be monitored and guided as much as possible before they move out from under our roofs. Most importantly, if they are being physically abused by another kid.
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