Friday, December 27, 2013

Do You Know Someone That Uses A Cane To Walk?

Perhaps they use a walking cane because they are senior citizens or simply handicapped. We have a new product in our store that's perfect for protecting these vulnerable people which are too commonly victimized.

The Stun Gun ZAP Walking Cane with Flashlight offers protection for the handicapped and senior citizen by equipping them with a 1 million volts of shocking electrodes along the bottom and lower now carries a walking cane called the Stun Gun ZAP Walking Cane with Flashlight! This is a walking cane that can be adjusted for height and can sustain a person that weighs up to 250 pounds. But this particular useful product not only keeps a person in balance, it offers self defense as well! No, not to use it to clobber a person over the head, although that is possible too… It's a stun gun cane with a flashlight.

A handicapped person or senior citizen can arm themselves with a 1 Million Volt stun gun, non lethal weapon, for self defense. This unit is easy to use and it's powerful voltage can shock a person from it's bottom tip and up along 8 inches above that! You see it also has Zap Electrodes that prevents an attacker from grabbing the cane, by electrically stunning them as well. This helps prevent an attacker from using the unit against it's owner or stealing it.

Stun Gun ZAP Walking Cane w/Flashlight Features
• 1 Million volts of self defense power
• Zap Electrodes on bottom, prevents getting stolen
• LED Flashlight, convenient for night use
• Rechargeable, no batteries required
• On/Off safety switch
• Stun ready indicator light
• Stun gun activation button
• Adjustable cane height positions
• Charging socket and AC/DC adapter
• Carrying case w/strap
• Limited 2 Year Warranty from defect & workmanship

The ultimate self defense, walking cane, for senior or handicapped individuals. Now the more vulnerable of our society can protect themselves, as well!

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