Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Self Defense Gifts Event!

Personal protection item: Mini Personal Travel Alarm w/ Motion Detector. Very handy to have for protecting your valuables and yourself. The only unique personal item that sells which also detects motion! Buy it for a gift, ONLY $15.95!

The Mini Personal Travel Alarm w/ Motion Detector is a great holiday gift for women, men, children, seniors or handicapped individuals.You can take this unique tiny alarm with you wherever you go. It has a 100 dB alarm, that you can set off to notify others, if you are in danger. It also has a convenient built in LED flashlight… But the most interesting thing about this Mini Personal Travel Alarm gift is that it detects movement. Simply place it aiming toward an item, such as a door or computer. If someone opens the door or moves your computer in any way, the 100 dB unit will go off! It senses movement and has a horizontal detection area of 30 degrees and a detection distance of ten feet.

Mini Personal Travel Alarm w/ Motion Detector Features:
• Ear piercing 100 dB alarm pin
• Unique motion detector w/sliding cover
• Convenient LED flashlight
• 2 - LR44 Batteries included FREE
• Measures only 2.5" when closed

There are endless uses for this unique gift unit. We actually used it one time, when we had to keep some of our customer's packages outside. We placed the unit in front of the boxes and low and behold, it notified us, when the postal person came for them!

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