Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holiday Self Defense Gifts Event!

The Small Fry Hottie Stun Gun 11 Million Volts Rechargeable is great for women's self defense.Personal protection item: Small Fry Hottie Stun Gun 11 Million Volts Rechargeable. The most powerful stun gun that we carry in pink for women's self defense.

This powerful weapon for women, made the Top Gun Streetwise Certification, for it's superior strength and quality workmanship. It's built to last in a rubberized exterior, to prevent slippage from your hand and also to protect the unit. Touching an attacker with this 11 Million volt unit for a few seconds, will surely knock them down. Simply keep touching them until they fall! Best place to aim for is the neck, but any other part of the body will suffice!

Small Fry Hottie Stun Gun Self Defense Features:
• 11 Million volts of powerful take down power
• Rechargeable, just plugs into a wall unit
• Disable pin, prevents the unit from being used against you
• Bright LED flashlight for night use
• Separate LED light turns on to notify when fully charged
• Safety switch prevents accidental discharge
• Measures 3 1/2" x 2 1/8" x 7/8"
• Includes pink stylish holster
• Lifetime Warranty

You might ask, what if an attacker steals the pink Small Fry Hottie Stun Gun from me and stuns me? The manufacturer also thought of that too! This weapon has a disable pin. It's a wrist strap that you place around your hand, and if the unit is taken from you, the wrist strap snaps off the unit. The 11 Million volts unit will NOT WORK IF THE WRIST STRAP IS NOT ATTACHED TO IT! Therefore, the attacker will not be able to use it against you. A disable pin is a great feature that prevents you from being stunned back! Remember to always have the wrist strap on, whenever you are going to use the stun gun against an attacker.

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