Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Self Defense Gifts Event!

Personal protection item: DOONEY & BOURKE Holster w/ Police Pepper Spray LIMITED EDITION! A gift that makes a fashionable holiday statement and offers self defense for the loved ones in your life!

This product is being offered for a limited time only. The DOONEY & BOURKE Holster w/ Police Pepper Spray LIMITED EDITION has an incredible 23% concentration of unbearable heat! Most other brands just contain 10%! When aiming this unit at an attacker, it's best to target the eyes or face. The fashionable units are available in a stream liquid pattern. This avoids blowback of the hot substance if there are windy conditions. Giving this as a holiday gift to a loved one, will show that your really care for their safety.

Dooney & Bourke w/Police Pepper Spray Features
• 23% Pepper concentration versus only 10%
• Sprays from inside the case
• Incapacitates for up to 45 minutes
• Includes UV Marking Dye, for police identification
• Shoots a distance of 5-7 feet for self defense
• Contains 6 painful and temporarily blinding shots
• Includes a strap with swivel bolt snap key clasp

This unit not only makes a fashionable statement, but a self defense statement, as well! The perfect holiday gift for style conscientious women!

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