Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Self Defense Gifts Event!

Personal protection item: Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray. This is the ultimate, non lethal, self defense gift available for the holidays. It can shoot further than any other device of it's kind, that we are aware of.

Give a Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray as a unique holiday gift, for women and men's self defense!
This self defense and non lethal weapon, is very powerful and it's burst of pepper spray can reach up to 20 feet away! More than enough distance from a threatening individual. No doubt that the Mace Pepper Gun would make a wonderful gift for the holidays. It will offer peace of mind to anyone carrying it. It's simple to use and the spray can be shot upright, upside-down and even sideways. A convenient light is included for nighttime use and it also can temporarily disorient a person, if aimed at their eyes.

Mace Pepper Gun Features
• Shoots up to 20 feet away
• Includes one pepper and one water, 7 blast cartridges
• Refillable, extra cartridges sold separately
• Bright LED flashlight temporarily disorients
• Strobe light (black gun only)
• Can be shot or aimed at any angle, even upside down
• UV Invisible marking dye, for police identification
• Available in Pink, Silver, Navy Blue, Black and Camo
• Non lethal protection

Impress your loved ones with a powerful self defense gift for the holidays. They can carry it in a purse, briefcase, backpack or in it's convenient holster (nylon or leather holsters sold separately).

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