Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Self Defense Gifts Event!

Personal protection item: The Police Pepper Spray Zebra Holster for women. Fashionable beauties that offer powerful protection and can be sprayed without having to open the soft case.

The fashionable Police Pepper Spray Zebra is great for women's self defense.

No matter what outfit you wear, these self defense beauties will surely make a statement! Fashionable and STRONG! These units contain 23% of the hot substance, instead of 10% that most other spray weapons have.

Police Pepper Spray Zebra Self Defense Features:
• Reaches up to 5-7 feet
• Contains 6 hot devastating bursts
• Soft case measures approximately 4.5 inches tall
• UV Invisible Marking Dye for police identification
• Available in 3 color combinations
• Made specifically for women

The unique raised velvety Police Zebra Pink and White Pepper Spray for women, is sure to catch the fashionable eye. The case has a beautiful diamond looking button to open it and includes a very convenient key clip. This self defense item can be hung to your cloths or simply put it in your purse. Also available in Pink and Black and in Gold and Black!

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