Monday, March 10, 2014

Have You Heard Yet About "Sliders"?

It's a growing trend and targeted mostly against women. A thief or as the news is calling them, "Sliders" because they mostly work in pairs, are stealing your purse as you pump your car at a gas station.

Women beware of Sliders or a thief, while pumping your gas at a service station, because they can steal your purse when you are not watching.
Click here to watch video.
Let's face it, fueling your car at a gas station is not a pleasurable task for us women. Not only because it's costly, but because the ambiance is not particularly comfortable either! Now, we also have to worry about Sliders! The thief strikes when you are either pumping your own gas, or are inside the service station getting a snack and prepaying for your fuel. The thief stops his car next to yours, and if your doors are unlocked, he slides into your car and steals your purse or whatever belongings you have inside. Plus, sometimes Sliders work in pairs!

So women, beware next time you are at the pump for Sliders… ALWAYS LOCK all your vehicle's doors and windows, before you actually start using the pump. Especially if you leave your purse in your vehicle.

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