Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pepper Spray With Cone Shaped Burst And Tear Gas

When you discharge a self defense pepper spray, it shoots a liquid stream. But this particular one, delivers more of a mist, like a hair spray. This requires less aiming... Plus, it includes TEAR GAS!

Women need the Mace Triple Action Fogger with tear gas, for self defense and especially if aiming at an attacker, becomes difficult.
Many women are unaware that most self defense pepper spray discharge as a stream. This is to prevent blowback, if it is used outdoors in windy conditions. Unless you specifically purchase a cone delivery system, such as the Mace Triple Action Fogger, your defense pepper spray will shoot a liquid stream. Actually, many women prefer the aerosol units, because it's easier to aim it at an attacker. Also keep in mind that the words, "Triple Action", mean that it contains pepper, tear gas and a UV Dye!

The 60-gram Mace Triple Action Fogger with tear gas, can reach up to 8 feet away and contains 15 one-second bursts, perfect for personal defense. As all the Mace units, it includes a UV Dye. This dye helps police identify an attacker, if taken into custody. It's also available in a larger container called, the Mace Triple Action Fogger Home Model.

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