Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Neuroscientist Explains That Sex's Brains Are The Same

Lately there has been many articles stating that the male brain is different from the female one. But this newest information sounds more accurate. What do you think?

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Most information recently, regarding the male and female brain differences, has pretty much stated that there are big differences between the two sexes. But Neuroscientist Professor Georgina Rippon has come up with an explanation which pretty much concludes that both sex's brains are the same.

Professor Georgina Rippon informs that the brains of the sexes has been formed by our society's patterns of upbringing children. Girls playing with dolls and boys with trucks. At first, both brains are the same, but as children are encouraged to play with certain toys, they acquire certain personality traits. Boy's toys are much more 'training" based and girl's toys are more "nurturing" based. These society patterns get more and more re-enforced onto children and changes how female and male  brains develop and become different. Professor Georgina Rippon explains that this is why more women become nurses and men engineers and physicists. Television also encourages stereotypes, by advertising certain tasks for each sex.

Her final message is to let children play with any toys they want. Let them figure out what they like and therefore what they choose as a profession when they're adults. Maybe in the future, we won't be able to tell which brain is a man's or which one's a woman's… This professor makes perfect sense, what a brain!

Original Article by Sarah Knapton, Science Correspondent of The Telegraph.

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