Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Police Pepper Spray With 23% Concentration

Most of today's self defense pepper spray units for women, contain 10% of the hot substance. We have 8 units in our website under the category of "Police", that have 23%, which is much stronger!

Pepper spray with 23% concentration, versus regular units that only have 10%.

You will find that under our Police Pepper Spray 23% self defense products the units are over twice as strong as the usual pepper spray. One of them is from Dooney & Bourke, which is very popular for women's fashion now! There are also 3 that have "Zebra" velvety patterns and include key clips, besides the regular key ring that comes with most units!

As mentioned in other blogs, all these 23% units reach 5-7 feet and contain 6 bursts for women and men's self defense. But there is an exception, the Police Pepper Foam, reaches 10-12 feet and can shoot continuously until the canister is emptied! PLUS, all the 23% sprays have an Invisible UV Dye that helps police identify an attacker if taken into custody.

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