Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Are We Becoming A Wimp Society?

I know that the above header is a strange question. But watching a video posted on facebook, made me think twice about our society!

The above video, makes a good statement. Even though somethings, I believe, have changed for the better... It has occurred to me lately though, that many people are becoming more and more like hermits in our society. Hermits because they don't step out and breath fresh air and only see others on a screen. Even if those others are actually living next door to them! There definitely are more overweight adults and children… Too many of our children play video games indoors instead of kickball outside and there are more and more people taking narcotics to get high.

Many people today, don't understand that experiencing real things, such as physically touching someone and listening to them in person, is a NATURAL HIGH!

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