Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Need A Little More Distance Between You And An Attacker?

If you like the idea of a stun gun with plenty of voltage for self defense, but don't like to be too close to a criminal, we have a category for that!

A Stun Baton offers personal protection or self defense at a comfortable distance from an attacker and can reach up to 21.5 inches away!

Our Stun Baton Category has stun guns for self defense that offers you more distance from an attacker. The longest personal protection one, can reach a distance of up to 21.5 inches away! These batons are very handy for home security, walking your dog or strolling around your neighborhood after dinner with family. Some are expandable and one actually can be used as a Walking Cane! Perfect for the handicapped or senior citizen's personal protection.

Almost all of these stun gun batons for self defense, have flashlights, are rechargeable and range from 200,000 to 10 million volts! Some have "Grab Guard Stun Strips" which will shock an attacker, if he tries to grab the unit from you! There you have it, more distance, yet powerful personal protection as well.

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