Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Great Holiday Gift For Mothers With Toddlers!

Mothers that have wandering toddlers, know how hard it is to keep track of their child while at stores or playgrounds. Young kids are a handful and, unfortunately, they are the ones that get kidnapped the most.

If you know of someone that has a toddler, the best holiday gift you can give them would be the Child Safety Panda Alarm. It's easy to use and the baby's mother can adjust the unit to reach from 3 to 21 feet away! There's no need to place a wandering toddler on a leash anymore…

Child Safety Panda Alarm Gift For The Holidays
- Cute wrist bear unit worn by toddler
- Parent's unit with key ring and alarm notification
- Unit can be adjusted from a distance of 3 to 21 feet
- Works indoors or outdoors
- High pitched beep alerts mother if baby exceeds distance
- Independent lock system with 16m passwords
- Different passwords, so not to interfere with other similar units in area
- Parent's unit will also beep if baby's unit is turned off or damaged
- Batteries included (CR2032)

A holiday gift such as this child safety unit, is perfect for parents because it offers more peace of mind. Especially in public areas where using a leash can be very embarrassing... to say the least!

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