Friday, November 7, 2014 Has A HUGE Selection Of Pepper Spray Models

Since 2006, we have aimed to provide women with the most effective, non lethal products for self defense. Plus, it's no brainer that the Pepper Spray, is one of the most popular categories with our visitors.
We have an incredibly large collection of these self defense units for women or men. Some have LED lights and can reach up to 20 feet away! All of them have a UV Invisible Marking Dye. This Dye helps authority identify a suspect, if they are taken in for suspicion of a crime. Police place a suspect under a UV lamp and can verify if they have been sprayed with one of these self defense sprays. Check out our list of units below, which includes Mace, Streetwise, Pepper Shot and other brands. Pepper Spray Models
- Disguised units
- Mace units (includes gun, gel,foams and LED light)
- Keychain units
- Lipstick units
- Streetwise units (includes foam)
- Police units
- Pepper Shot units
- Police Force Defender units

Plus, we answer our phones! Call us with any questions regarding our products.

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