Monday, November 3, 2014

Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer, ONLY $49.95

No need to spend thousands for home security alarms... A simple affordable unit is all you need for home protection notification. 

Ladies, no need to go over budget for your home security anymore. This simple unit does the same job that others do but for an affordable price. Only costs $49.95, NOT thousands of dollars!

Home Security Motion Activated Alarm with Auto Dialer
- Detects motion, 20 ft long by 90 degrees
- Powerful 125 decibel or silent notification to you
- Prerecord your message to police & 2 other phone numbers
- Includes line splitter, no extra phone line required
- Placement in main entrance is suggested

Simple to install and use. Perfect if you move often, as well... Why spend more than $49.95 for home security?

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