Friday, November 14, 2014

NEW: Mace Polka Dot Lipstick Pepper Sprays!

They look like fun, polka dot little things, but they're a weapon in disguise! Spray one of these units at an attacker and watch them cry like a baby…
Looks are deceiving and these pepper spray self defense units for women are perfect to carry in your purse, pocket, backpack or briefcase. Make sure you have them out and ready when entering shady areas or when meeting a suspicious character. Since the unit is disguised, it looks like you are carrying a real pink or purple lipstick!

Mace Polka Dot Lipstick Pepper Spray Features
- Reaches up to 10 feet
- Contains 5 one second bursts
- Includes invisible UV Marking Dye
- Stream spray pattern, less likely to blow back
- Measures 4" tall x 1" round

Women have trusted Mace self defense sprays for decades and these disguised beauties are no exception!

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