Monday, November 24, 2014

Zebra Pattern Pepper Spray Is A Great Holiday Gift Idea!

If you are going to give a loved one a holiday gift, why not give them one that will offer self defense, like a pepper spray, and also looks pretty.

Pepper spray is a great gift idea that is unique and will offer self defense for your loved ones. The Police Pepper Spray Zebra Holsters are perfect for holiday gifts and won't break the bank! They're pretty but powerful! Unlike other units these have a velvety zebra pattern and a diamond looking button on the holsters. They are available in pink with white, gold with black or pink with black zebra patterns!

Now for the important info… These police units contain 23% of the hot substance, versus others that only have 10%! They can reach 5-7 feet away and contain 6 bursts of the hot substance. They also include an invisible UV Marking Dye, that may assist police in capturing an attacker.

A great present, that can save a life, looks pretty and is also affordable!

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