Thursday, November 6, 2014

Is Politics Consuming Our Lives?

Many of us, including myself, sat by the TV Tuesday night, to find out if our preferred candidate got elected.

CNN governor race news
Wether your favorite politician got chosen for the government task or not, a lot of citizens get real happy or really upset. Grant it, that the tasks at hand that these elected officials have promised to handle are important, but how much will it affect you personally?

Although government is crucial, so are personal things or events around you, that are as well! Remember when you were a child and weren't aware of politicians? Well, our personal lives are just as important or even MORE important than politics. There is no reason to get all gloomy or ecstatic regarding which elected official was chosen and which was not. Life goes on…

Family and friends are what we should focus on. Our health, shelter, food and education is far more important than a race for politics. Government will always have changes! What we do with our life and the people we love, is far more crucial for happiness and wellbeing.

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