Friday, October 31, 2014

Did You Know That Mace Makes A Pepper Spray Gun?

Yea baby! Us women can have a non lethal weapon, similar to what police use for controlling crowds. The unit shoots a powerful burst against attackers, that will surely stop them on their tracks.

It's called the Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray with LED! Us ladies are picky about colors, so first of all, it's available in pink, silver, navy blue, camo and black. All of these units can reach 20 feet away for self defense! The devastating, hot long burst that comes out of these babies can soak an attacker until they cry for mercy! You see, unlike regular pepper spray units, these mace pepper spray guns can shoot continuously, not just in short bursts. You can soak an attacker's face and eyes until the replaceable canister empties! Or, you can save the hot liquid quantity you have by shooting 7 separate short bursts on different dangerous occasions.

PLUS some extras you'll love! The black Mace unit specifically, also has a STROBE LIGHT besides the regular light that the other guns have. Talk about getting a low life attacker confused! All units include an invisible UV Marking Dye that can help police apprehend the right attacker by placing them under a UV Lamp, if he or she is apprehended. The unit comes with 1 replaceable pepper cartridge and one with a water cartridge for practice. More cartridges are available here. A battery is already included for the LED light! Unit Holstes are sold separately and are available in leather or nylon.

We know that some women don't like to "Carry", but this gun is NON LETHAL! No prison time here for using this weapon...

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